No relationship is perfect, as is no individual. We all have our own ideas, values and opinions and we all have our own worries and insecurities. These will inevitably be triggered most noticeably in an intimate relationship. These differences will lead to conflict and distress; this is normal and does not mean that the relationship is fundamentally flawed. It is the way that the couple manages these differences that determine the success of the relationship; such differences can lead to the growth and development of the relationship and the individuals within it if managed well in couples counselling.

However, we are not always equipped to deal with the challenges that relationships entail or the outside pressures that impinges upon them. Whether the challenge is a gradual disintegration of communication and caring or a specific issue such as an extramarital affair or the loss of sexual attraction, sometimes we need a bit of extra help to restore the relationship to its previous state or better still, to improve upon that and this is where relationship counselling can help.
How can I help you?
I will then help the couple to develop the skills to resolve the identified problems and improve their relationship. The skills taught in Couples Counselling are both practical and functional and include:
  • Identifying how assumptions and expectation (learnt as a result of previous experiences) are negatively impacting on the current relationship
  • Developing better communication strategies
  • Practicing ways to disagree and argue in healthy, constructive (rather than destructively) and respectful ways
  • Learning techniques to negotiate differences and problem solving
“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person".
Mignon McLaughlin